Prescription Drug Take Back

Drop Box 2The Cammack Village Police Department is now a reception site for the disposal of unwanted prescription and over-the-counter drugs.


The abuse of prescription drugs has become an increasing problem throughout the united sates in recent years. Unused medications can be found in many households. Sometimes they remain after a sick resident has passed away; they may be left over after a patient has recovered from an illness; they may be expired; or they may be from prescriptions that were filled but never used.

In any scenario, they pose a number of hazards:

• In many cases, children or other unintended users have access to excess medications that
have not been properly disposed.
• Some are addictive.
• Some medications can be harmful or even fatal in a single dose if not used as prescribed.
• The improper disposal of excess or unneeded medications negatively impacts our environment when substances make their way into the ecosystem through landfills or waterways. Medications can make their way into the water system and into wildlife.

The Take Back Program provides the community with a safe, secure location for the disposal of unwanted prescription medication in order to reduce access to addictive medications resulting in accidental or intentional misuse by children or adults in the home, a prescription drug collection box has been installed on the front porch of the Cammack Village Community Center.

Citizens may anonymously place their unused medication/drugs into the disposal vault.

Prescription bottles should be secured by their caps. Certain items are not accepted, such as sharps; bio-hazard items such as syringes or liquids; infectious or bloody material; inhalers; and aerosol cans. This program is for personal/residential use only. Commercial entities (such as medical facilities) must arrange for disposal of medication by other means.

The prescription medication collection box is available twenty-four hours a day at 2710 N Mckinley , Cammack Village , AR 72207
For further information please contact the Cammack Village Police Department or visit on the internet.

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