On May 1, 2012 Chief Powell arrested a Mr. Demetress Black, 29 as school dismissed for the day and charged him with 5 felony and 2 Misdemeanor offenses.

Mr. Black, a repeat offender was known to have an active warrant for his arrest. As Chief Powell attempted to place Mr. Black in custody, he resisted and attempted to flee.

A brief struggle took place and the Mr. Black was forced to the ground. During this struggle Mr. Black produced a cellophane bag containing 10 grams of Cocaine and attempted to hand it off to his seven year old daughter who was standing nearby. A search of his car, revealed 28 grams of hydroponic marijuana individually packaged for sales.

Mr. Black was transported to the Pulaski County jail where he was charged with: Resisting Arrest Possession of a Controlled Substance (Cocaine) w purpose to deliver, Possession of Controlled substance on school Grounds, Possession of Controlled Substance (Marijuana) w purpose to deliver, tampering with Evidence, Endangering the welfare of a minor.

Today 09/09/2013 before the Honorable Judge Leon Johnson, Mr. Black pled guilty to his charges.

Because of Mr. Blacks’ lengthy previous criminal history and his possession of Cocaine on school grounds, Mr. Black will serve a minimum of ten years in the Arkansas Department of Corrections without the possibility of parole.

Cammack Village Police have always been committed to keeping the students and staff of Jefferson Elementary safe and will continue to do everything within our power to maintain public safety.

Jefferson Elementary will remain a safe haven for our children.