During the Cammack Village City Council meeting on Tuesday, Sept 10, 2013, Cammack Police Chief Powell announced his officers will begin enforcing the cities ordinances and state parking laws more closely after receiving complaints from residents.

“We’ve had several people ask us to do something about the cars that are parked on the wrong side of the street, vehicles being stored on the street etc” “We’re going to do something about that.” Powell said

He explained that parking on the wrong side of the street is a safety hazard because drivers have to drive in the wrong direction to park and pull away from the curb.

Other points of emphasis will include vehicles;

  • Cammack Ordinance 95-17 requires all vehicles within the city limits of Cammack Village to be properly licensed, insured and in running condition. Inoperable, abandoned or the storage of vehicles within the city limits is prohibited.
  • Arkansas law prohibits vehicles to be unattended, abandoned, disabled, or inoperative – on any public street for more than 24 hours. Vehicles are subject to being towed and impounded. (27-50-1205).
    Cammack Ordinance 08-03 prohibits parking vehicles in residential yards, unless they are parked upon an improved surface.  An improved surface generally means a surface of concrete, asphalt, or paving, such as a driveway or carport.
  • Cammack Ordinances 07-06 & 96-5 Prohibit the parking of commercial vehicles or trailers in excess of 20 feet, recreation vehicles etc anywhere within the city limits.

He advised over the next few weeks officers will be posting warning notices on vehicle they find illegally parked on in violation. Drivers who ignore these warnings will be issued citations.