Mayor Light

Thanks for stopping by and visiting our site.  If you  are a resident, please be patient while we continue to upload content and organize the site to make it beneficial for you.  Our goal is put the City at your fingertips whether you are looking for an ordinance, trying to find what events are going on or just wanting to read the latest newsletter on line.  I hope you will use the email contacts below or the contact box on the home page if you have any suggestions for the site or concerns about the City.  We are proud of the City and its residents.  Established in 1943, after the City of Little Rock determined that Cammack Village was too far west to be annexed, Cammack Village has developed and thrived as a community enclave surrounded by Little Rock on all sides.  Our friendly neighbors and vigilent police force make Cammack Village an ideal place for families.  Our swimming pool and Baker Park are widely used by residents and non-residents alike and we are the proud host of Jefferson Elementary School, one of the best schools in Little Rock.  Whether you are just visiting or looking for information, I hope you find the site useful.